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BIOMG 4810 Population Genetics
BIOMG 4870 Human Genomics
BTRY 4820/6820 Statistical Genomics: Coalescent Theory and Human Population Genomics
BTRY 6520 Computationally Intensive Statistical Inference
BTRY 5080 Probability Models & Inference
BTRY 4090 Theory of Statistics
OR&IE 6500 Applied Stochastic Processes
OR&IE 6510 Probability Theory
OR&IE 6700 Statistical Principles
OR&IE 6710 Intermediate Applied Statistics
OR&IE 6780 Bayesian Statistics and Data Analysis

Macromolecular Biology

BEE 7600 Nucleic Acid Engineering
BIOMG 3330 or (3310 and 3320) Principles of Biochemistry: Proteins, Metabolism, and Molecular Biology
BIOMG/BioGD 4390 Molecular Basis of Human Disease
BIOMG 6310 Protein Structure and Function
BIOMG 6330 Biosynthesis of Macromolecules
BIOMG 6360 Functional Organization of Eukeryotic Cells
BIOMG 6390 The Nucleus
BIOMG/VETPR 7300 Protein NMR Spectroscopy
CHEM 7880 Macromolecular Crystallography
BIOPL 4620 Plant Biochemistry
BIOPL 7430 Fac Res in Plant Cell & Molecular Biology
BME 3020 Cellular Principles of Biomedical Engineering
BME 4010/MAE 4660 Biomedical Engineering Analysis of Metabolic and Structural Systems
CHEM 3570/3580, 3590/3600 Organic Chemistry for the Life Sciences
CHEM 4500 Principles of Chemical Biology
VET MM 6100 Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology

Cell Biology

BEE 3600 Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering
BEE 4840 Metabolic Engineering
BIOMG 4320 Survey of Cell Biology
BIOMS 3150 Basic Immunology
BIOMS 7050/VETMI 7050 Advanced Immunology
BIOMI 4160 Bacterial Physiology
BIOMI 4200 Microbial Genomics
BIOMI/BIOPL 6520 Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions
BIOMI 6901/6902/6903/66504/6506 Prokaryotic Biology
BIONB 4250 Molecular Neurophysiology
BIOPL 4220 Plant Development
BIOPL 4440 Plant Cell Biology
ENTOM 4830 Insect Physiology
BIOMI 4090/BIOMS 4090/PLPA 4090 Principles of Virology
VETMI 7000 The Biology of Animal and Plant Viruses
VETMM 7030 Receptor-Ligand Interactions
VETMM 7050 Chemistry of Signal Transduction

Organismal Biology

BIOAP 3160 Cellular Physiology
BIOAP 3110 Principles of Animal Physiology
BIOAP 3190 Animal Physiology Experimentation
BIOAP 4580 Mammalian Physiology
BIOAP 7140 Cardiac Electrophysiology
NS 3410 Human Anatomy and Physiology

Behavioral Biology

BIONB/BMEP/COGST/PSYCH 3300 Introduction to Computational Neuroscience
BIONB 4250 Molecular Neurophysiology
BIONB 4910 Principles of Neurophysiology
ECE 5770 Resilient Computer Systems


BIOEE/MATH 3620 Dynamic Models in Biology
BIONB 4220 Modeling Behavioral Evolution
NTRES 3100 Applied Population Ecology
NTRES 4120 Wildlife Population Analysis: Techniques & Models
NTRES 6700 Spatial Statistics

Mathematical Science

Differential equations
MATH 4200 Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
MATH 4280 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
Linear Algebra
MATH 4310 Linear Algebra
MATH 4330 Honors Linear Algebra
MATH 4130 Honors Introduction to Analysis
MATH 4220 Applied Complex Analysis
MATH 4240 Wavelets and Fourier Series
Discrete Math
MATH 4410, 4420 Introduction to Combinatorics I, II
Probability and Statistics
BTRY 5080 Theory and Probability
BTRY 4090 Theory and Statistics
BTRY 6030, 6040 Statistical Methods III, IV
BTRY 6520 Computationally Intensive Statistical Inference
BTRY 6820 Statistical Genomics
MATH 4710 Basic Probability
MATH 4720 Statistics
OR&IE 4710 Applied Linear Statistical Models
OR&IE 5510 Introduction to Engineering Stochastic Processes I
OR&IE 4712 Regression
Engineering Math
T&AM 6100/6110 Methods of Applied Mathematics I, II

Computational Science

CS 2800 Discrete Structures
CS 3110 Data Structures and Functional Programming
Numerical Analysis
CS 4210 Numerical Analysis & Differential Equations
MATH 4250 Numerical Analysis and Differential Equations
ORIE 5300/5310 Optimization I & II
PHYS 4480 / 7680 Computational Physics
CS 4820 Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms
CS 4320 Introduction to Database Systems
Computational Biology
BioNB 3300 Introduction to Computational Neuroscience
BTRY 4840/6840 Computational Genomics
BTRY 4830/6830 Quantitative Genomics


Although courses are not required in this area, the following may be of interest:
BTRY 4831/6831 Bioinformatics Programming